Password Recovery

Recovering Lost Information

January 5th, 2016

     A password for your email, a password for your facebook, a password for your work account, a password for your twitter...

     Each of us have multiple online accounts we use every day, and how many of us type our passwords in by hand each time? Pretty much none of us. There might be one or two Unicorns out there that do, but the reality of the situation is that each and every one of us saves passwords in some sort of password manager. Lets face it, remembering each of your passwords (because each account is supposed to have a different password) is difficult, and if we can use a tool to help us quickly fill this information in and increase our productivity, we jump on it! We don't want to sacrifice security either though, so our "Password Manager" is locked by a password itself. just one single password to remember.

     So now what happens when we forget that password? No problem, because you setup multiple recovery methods in case of such an issue, you'll just login to your email and recover the passwords.....except your email password was stored in the password manager too! Now what?

     Password recovery can be an expensive and time consuming event for both the professional recovering the password, and the user waiting to have their password recovered. In our latest experience we were able to make an image of the PC, turn back the clock and take advantage of unexpired tokens to gain full access to the local google profile and recover every single one of the customers passwords. While this customer was lucky, you might not be so lucky. Always make sure you have backup plan for recovering your passwords. For businesses we recommend using a third party recovery agent who can securely hold your private keys in the event that yours are lost or damaged. For the average Joe, we recommend writing down your passwords and keeping them secure in a safe place, such as a locking file cabinet in your home. Always make a plan to be prepared, because you never know what you can forget.