Becoming Hereos

Becoming Hereos

December 10th, 2015

     Although we do our best to inform our customers of all the additional services we offer, sometimes they don’t know they want or need something, until something bad happens. This is exactly what happened to one of our clients. We had setup a remote storage location where live video would be streamed and stored at our clients home location. Although we offered the customer an off-site redundant storage option, at the time they declined the offer.

     Although our client was nonchalant about the recording of this data, it was actually very important to him. Our inability to extract how important this information was from our customer, prevented us from pushing the redundant backup solution as hard as we should have, which became apparent late one evening.

     7PM on a thursday we received a frantic call on our emergency line, The customer's router had died and he could no longer record any of the data he so desperately cared about. “No Problem” we said, “that USB Drive we had you purchase and insert into the unit at the location will backup all the data which we can extract and integrate with the data in your remote system”. Except the customer never followed through on his end. There was no USB drive, there was no data being recorded.

     The news was devastating to our customer, and to us. We felt that we had let him down by not realizing the true value of his data, and not explaining to him that he really did need the redundant data solution we had suggested. Even worse was feeling the frantic emotions in our customer's voice during that call, so we did the only thing we could do…

     We immediately spun up a new virtual machine, and provisioned it with the data storage software required for this customer's application. We reduced his downtime from nearly 2 days (the soonest he could get back on-site) to under 3 hours. We were heroes!

     We gave this customer, and continue to give this customer free redundant data recording because we truly felt like we had let him down, and for that we bear the cost of the redundant system. Both Us, and our customer learned from this experience, and our relationship has never been better.